Tol2 Transgenic

Active in all known vertebrates, the Tol2 transposon system, originally discovered in zebrafish, is used to make transgenic mice. Via transposase catalyzation, a transposon construct can be effectively inserted before or after the Tol2 gene with a cut-and-paste mechanism. With little chance of rearrangement or modification at the target site, the Tol2 has many potential applications. The reason for this being that transgene-mediated insertions of the Tol2 system are prone to be at the A/T rich region, which makes the expression of the transgene more efficient. Compared with traditional DNA pronuclear injection, the Tol2 system uses cytoplasmic injection, which is easy to operate and has a high success rate. Using our Tol2 system, we can deliver transgenes up to 30kb in mice.

The Tol2 mouse model allows generation of transgenic mice utilizing Tol2 transposase activity. The Tol2 transposon system can not only increase the gene integration rate, but it can also have the inclination to integrate foreign genes into AT rich regions.

BAC Transgenic:

BAC transgenic technology is to add exogenous genes to the host species and was widely applied to many experimental organisms and economical organisms such as crops, livestock.

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