About Us

Biocytogen: Innovative Models to Empower Antibody Discovery

Biocytogen provides integrated solutions for next-generation antibody drug development to the global biomedical communities. Powered by cutting-edge gene editing technologies and a state-of-the-art animal facility, Biocytogen developed a seamlessly integrated platform for efficient antibody drug discovery and validation, including animal model generation, therapeutic antibody discovery (via RenMab™ Mouse), and in vivo/in vitro preclinical validation studies. Biocytogen collaborates with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Together, we discover innovative medicines for a better, healthier world.



Our Missions

  • Advance life sciences with high-quality and customized models to push the boundary of utilization of humanized target models in biomedical research
  • Develop technological platforms to accelerate next-generation drug discovery and development
  • Empower scientists in drug discovery by providing the necessary expertise to eliminate bottlenecks in research
  • Be a global leader in providing seamless preclinical services to our clients

Our Milestones


Obtained approval from the FDA to commence Phase II clinical trials for YH001 and YH003 in the US.


Completed a new round of financing totaling tens of millions of dollars.


Completion of D+ round financing, enabling progression of the RenMice HiTS Platform initiative.


Biocytogen merges with Eucure Biopharma, aiming to create innovative antibody drugs to improve human health worldwide.


Anti-CTLA-4 and OX40 antibodies YH001 and YH002 approved for clinical trials in China


RenMice HiTS Platform initiative launched, signifying Biocytogen’s transformation to a biotechnology company


Anti-OX40 antibody YH002 was approved for clinical trials in the United States


Anti-CTLA-4 antibody YH001 was approved for clinical trials in the United States


Developed RenMab Mouse, a fully human antibody mouse model; Closed D-round funding in July


Received C-round funding from SDIC Venture Capital, 3E Bioventures, Cowin Capital Group and Oriza Holdings


Boston and Shanghai sites opened for business


Haimen Animal Center began operations; AAALAC accreditation earned; Antibody Discovery Service Platform established; B-NDG™ and a comprehensive variety of humanized immune checkpoint mice were supplied to clients


Established preclinical services platform; Raised B-round funding from SDIC Venture Capital and BioVeda China Fund


Developed B-NDG™ mice (highly immune deficient) and B-hPD-1, the first humanized immune-checkpoint mouse model


Developed ESC/HR-based gene editing technology platform and delivered gene editing services to our first customer.


Beijng Biocytogen Co., Ltd (Headquarters) established

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