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Biocytogen: Innovative Models to Empower Antibody Discovery

Biocytogen provides integrated solutions for next-generation antibody drug development to the global biomedical communities. Powered by cutting-edge gene editing technologies and a state-of-the-art animal facility, Biocytogen developed a seamlessly integrated platform for efficient antibody drug discovery and validation, including animal model generation, therapeutic antibody discovery (via RenMab™ Mouse), and in vivo/in vitro preclinical validation studies. Biocytogen collaborates with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide. Together, we discover innovative medicines for a better, healthier world.


At Biocytogen, we have over 1200 genetically modified strains of BioMice that have assisted many of the top pharmaceutical companies with their R&D projects.

Our Missions

  • Advance life sciences with high-quality and customized models to push the boundary of utilization of humanized target models in biomedical research
  • Develop technological platforms to accelerate next-generation drug discovery and development
  • Empower scientists in drug discovery by providing the necessary expertise to eliminate bottlenecks in research
  • Be a global leader in providing seamless preclinical services to our clients

Our Milestones

March 2022
June 2021
Phase II
June 2021
New Financing
Sept 2020
August 2020
Biocytogen & Eucure

Biocytogen merges with Eucure Biopharma, aiming to create innovative antibody drugs to improve human health worldwide.

May 2020
Clinical Trials
YH001 & YH002 Approved

Anti-CTLA-4 and OX40 antibodies YH001 and YH002 approved for clinical trials in China

March 2020
Platform Launch
January 2020
Clinical Trials
YH002 Clinical Trials Approved in U.S.

Anti-OX40 antibody YH002 was approved for clinical trials in the United States

October 2019
Clinical Trials
YH001 Clinical Trials Approved in U.S.

Anti-CTLA-4 antibody YH001 was approved for clinical trials in the United States

August 2019
New Technology
Rise of RenMab

Developed RenMab Mouse, a fully human antibody mouse model; Closed D-round funding in July

April 2018
Scaling Up
Venture Funding

Received C-round funding from SDIC Venture Capital, 3E Bioventures, Cowin Capital Group and Oriza Holdings

February 2018
New Sites
Boston & Shanghai Sites

Boston and Shanghai sites opened for business

Company Matures
Haimen Animal Center Opens

Haimen Animal Center began operations; AAALAC accreditation earned; Antibody Discovery Service Platform established; B-NDG™ and a comprehensive variety of humanized immune checkpoint mice were supplied to clients

Company Expansion
Preclinical Services & New Funding

Established preclinical services platform; Raised B-round funding from SDIC Venture Capital and BioVeda China Fund

Mouse Models
New Mouse Models Developed

Developed B-NDG™ mice (highly immune deficient) and B-hPD-1, the first humanized immune-checkpoint mouse model

Gene Editing
ESC/HR Gene Editing Platform

Developed ESC/HR-based gene editing technology platform and delivered gene editing services to our first customer.

Biocytogen Established

Beijng Biocytogen Co., Ltd (Headquarters) established

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